Acadia to MOA via UBC Tour

Past, Present, and Future: 3.5 km/3 Hours Tour Time : 11 AM - 2 PM

The Acadia to MOA (Museum of Anthropology) tour, including UBC tour, is a meticulously crafted tour in Vancouver of our past, present and future beginning at the meeting place of Spanish Captain Galliano and our good captain George. We then walk along the Strait of Georgia shore (via Acadia Park) admiring and exploring the unique natural phenomenon of Pacific Northwest. After a brief halt at one of few WW II relics in Vancouver at Tower Beach, we venture off to the UBC tour portion and mingle at UBC Rose Garden to give you an opportunity to meet the makers of our future. A snippet of our aboriginal history is awaiting right across the street at the Museum of Anthropology (MOA). We will wrap up our tour after exploring the Long Houses where our aboriginal ancestors once dwelled for millennia.

Our Rendezvous: Acadia Beach Park
Mode Of Transport : Walk or Bike only
Difficulty Level: Moderate

Recommended Additions for Tours in Vancouver (Traveller may add this to the end of the tour)

While at MOA, you sure want to explore the indoor exhibits to get intimate with our glorious First Nations artifacts (for rates please visit We also want to encourage you to visit Beaty Biodiversity Museum, just a short walk from MOA, where surprise is waiting for your arrival.


Price Per Tour: $25
Kids up to 8 years are free (When accompanied by a parent)
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